Just like your vehicle needs maintenance after every few thousand miles, your HVAC system also needs a little TLC after you use it frequently through the season. An HVAC maintenance contract is an option that we offer our customers as a way to save on this routine maintenance throughout the year. Not only does it make HVAC maintenance more affordable, but it helps homeowners make sure that their HVAC system is getting the care and maintenance necessary to keep it running smoothly year-round.

What is included in an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

An HVAC maintenance contract is a plan that helps you save on routine heating and cooling system maintenance throughout the year. At Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning, our comprehensive residential HVAC maintenance plan provides the services Inland homeowners need to keep their systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are just a few of the services that we provide as part of your HVAC maintenance contract:

  • Our technicians will inspect your thermostat and recalibrate it if necessary.
  • We’ll inspect and tighten the electrical contacts and connections.
  • The HVAC tech will lubricate all of the system’s moving parts to ensure proper operation.
  • We clean the outdoor unit and components as well as the evaporator and condenser coil.
  • Your tech will examine the condensate drains and drain line.
  • We inspect the fan, motor, and blower while assessing airflow.
  • Your technician will check the refrigerant and recharge it if necessary.
  • We’ll check your air filter and replace it if necessary.

As part of your maintenance visit, Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning’s HVAC technician will also look for any wear and tear on your system’s parts or other potential issues with your equipment. If they notice something that looks troubling, they’ll explain the issue to you and discuss your options for repair. Your maintenance visit is a great time to ask any questions that you may have about your system or address any concerns. Our technicians are here to help you get the most out of your HVAC system!

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Contract

Routine maintenance visits provide a range of benefits for your system’s parts, including improved performance and efficiency. But this also translates into financial savings for homeowners, including:

  • Maximized System Life – With regularly scheduled maintenance, your HVAC system stays clean and lubricated while working optimally. This can prolong the life of your unit, which means you can put off the costs of purchasing a brand-new system any time soon.
  • Optimal HVAC Efficiency – Keeping your HVAC system clean, lubricated, and running smoothly also helps improve your energy efficiency as malfunctioning or dirty systems have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. The more efficiently your HVAC system works overtime, the less money you’ll spend on energy waste.
  • Prevent System Breakdowns – Routine maintenance not only keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently but it allows you to have your equipment inspected regularly by a trained HVAC technician. Your HVAC technician will be able to spot potential issues and repair needs early so that you can prevent a more costly total system breakdown.

Do you want to save on your routine HVAC maintenance? Call us today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance contracts: 877-274-1882.

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