Rejuvenation Packages

Comfortably paying your bills and maintaining a comfortable home should never be a choice. At Sheldon’s we have a solution for every budget. If you’re looking to forego purchasing a brand new system, we have the perfect solution for you and your home or place of business. Our rejuvenation packages address the key electrical components of both heating and cooling systems. If you’re worried about your older HVAC system getting you through the next few years, consider bringing new life back into your furnace or air conditioner with our budget conscious rejuvenation packages.

Air Conditioner Electrical Rejuvenation

Trying to decide whether or not it’s time to replace your aging A/C unit? If your wallet is telling you no, then an A/C rejuvenation package is what you need to prolong your system’s performance and keep your home cool.

Routine maintenance does wonders to give your system extra years of high quality performance. However, there comes a time where it takes more than a standard maintenance trip to keep your system running. Our Air conditioner electrical rejuvenation package includes:

  • High voltage distribution system
  • Hard start assist kit
  • Compressor electrical absorption system
  • Fan electrical absorption system

Furnace Electrical Rejuvenation

Worried about your older furnace making it through the winter? Bring new life to your aging system with an electrical rejuvenation service from Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning. If it’s just not the time to take on a new bill or you’re worried about your credit, our furnace electrical rejuvenation package can add years to your system’s lifespan. Our furnace electrical rejuvenation package includes:

  • Hot surface ignitor
  • Transformer
  • Flame sensor
  • Fan electrical absorption system
  • Pressure switch