As a local business owner or manager in Riverside and the Inland Empire, you know how critical it is to wisely source all of your HVAC commercial repair and commercial replacement needs.

    Of course, as any competent business owner knows, budgeting for your day-to-day operations requires some forethought, which means you should prioritize HVAC maintenance. Prevention is the key.

    Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing agrees, which is why we’re the foremost contractor for local Inland Empire commercial-grade systems.

    We have the pros on staff who are more than ready to meet any maintenance challenge, including:
    • Commercial HVAC maintenance
    • Commercial AC maintenance
    • Commercial heating maintenance

    We love to help local business owners maintain their HVAC equipment smartly. It’s the best policy. Contact us now to make an appointment!

    Commercial Maintenance Plans Help You Save

    Some experts insist that one of the top reasons businesses fail is because of cash flow problems — managing the cyclical, monthly expenses that often define whether your business can thrive or barely survive. That’s why Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing has a commercial maintenance plan to fit your company’s needs.

    We provide our commercial customers with scalable options for regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system to fit the following schedules:
    • Quarterly
    • Monthly
    • Bi-annual
    • Annual
    Technician performing maintenance on a commercial HVAC unit

    When your HVAC system can provide a reliably comfortable environment for your customers and employees, you know that avoiding a crisis by having that system regularly maintained is well worth it.

    At Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our technicians can:
    • Clean and wash condenser coils
    • Clean and adjust economizers
    • Clean and adjust fresh air intakes
    • Replace air filter
    • Grease and oil motors
    • Inspect and adjust refrigerant charge
    • Safety check: all electrical connections for the HVAC system
    • Check and adjust the thermostat
    • Check and adjust the airflow
    • Check and adjust gas pressure
    • Inspect ductwork for air leaks, tears, and obstructions
    • Clean all of the supply and return vents
    • Check for proper heating and cooling temperature split
    • Flush condensation drain line
    • Check for air and water leaks around the system
    • Install line set protective covering (exterior)
    • Check for refrigerant and gas leaks
    • Adjust vents and returns

    And that’s just a partial list of the items our commercial maintenance plan covers.

    Importance of routine HVAC maintenance

    Regular HVAC maintenance comes down to three main benefits:

    Prolonged performance

    As a business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your investments. You also know that your HVAC system is no small asset. By having your system inspected and maintained by a trusted and knowledgeable technician, you ensure that it is in reliable working order, that any underlying issues are caught and fixed before they became major repairs and that you’re aware of your system’s overall performance and able to factor in any repairs or replacement needs into your budget.

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    System efficiency

    Something as simple as replacing an inexpensive filter can drastically improve your system’s performance and lifespan. You may think it’s cheaper to bypass a routine maintenance plan, but one small malfunction in any part of your HVAC system can cause your unit to run continuously. This can double, triple, or even quadruple your energy bill. When your A/C and Furnace are functioning at their best, it saves you money on your monthly electric bill.

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    Peace of mind

    When you’ve got tenants to please, books to balance, and work to do, the last thing you want to think about is your expensive HVAC system having problems. Simply signing up for a routine maintenance plan covers you for the entire year. That way you can know your building’s comfort and IAQ are taken care of and your system is being protected.

    Peace of mind icon

    Leave it to the Professionals

    You’re a professional, so you get it. You look to the pros in any given field for the expertise that’s required.

    For instance, choosing the correct MERV rating for your commercial space is very important. That’s why we know all about it.

    If you need specialty work done, we can:
    • Filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) out of your shop or paint booth
    • Help with dead air problems
    • Resolve high carbon monoxide issues
    • Help your business process odors and dust
    • Reduce airborne germs and viruses
    • Install a 100% fresh air system for the health and well-being of your staff and customers.

    Allow our commercial heating and air conditioning staff to provide you with a custom maintenance plan to ensure your HVAC equipment is efficient, properly balanced, and provides enough fresh air to keep everyone in the building healthy.

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    Whether your business needs commercial HVAC maintenance, commercial AC maintenance, or commercial heating maintenance, Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing can help. Call for a quote now.