Do you need a solution to the sweltering heat in your attic during the summer? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to reduce your air conditioner’s energy use? Then look no further than our residential solar attic fan installation services.

    These appliances are designed to help with ventilation in the hottest areas of your home. You’ll notice a more comfortable living environment and a happier family!

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    Our solar-powered attic fan is an exceptional addition to any home. We’ll take care of the installation process and any maintenance or repairs.

    What is a Solar Attic Fan?

    A solar attic fan is a vent on the roof powered by solar energy instead of electricity. The solar fan uses a solar panel to convert sunlight to electrical power, enabling a fan blade to spin, which removes heat and moisture from your attic. In many cases, solar attic fan installation can be completed in an hour or less.

    Benefits of Solar Attic Fan Installation

    A solar attic fan is a tiny device placed on the rooftop. Like other attic fans, they help keep your attic cool during the summer months and prevent condensation in the cooler months. They often work better than their electricity-driven conventional predecessors and provide numerous benefits.

    When you improve the ventilation in your attic with a solar attic fan, the hot, stuffy air begins to dissipate. The temperature in your attic can decrease up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit! This keeps every room below the attic cool and makes your home more comfortable.

    When the temperature in your attic is lower, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. But running a conventional attic fan could use more energy! However, a solar fan converts energy from the sun, so you won’t need to use fossil fuels.

    Heat building up in your attic can ruin your roof. In cold weather, excess moisture gathers, leading to rotting wood, mold, or mildew.
    If you notice metal objects in your attic starting to rust, you could benefit from a solar attic fan.

    Finally, when the roof is adequately ventilated, it will help prevent ice from gathering and wreaking havoc on your roof.

    One way or another, you’ll save money with a solar attic fan installation. Whether it’s energy savings, extending the life of your roof, or protecting your air conditioning unit, you’ll notice a difference in your wallet.

    Attic fans have a reputation for being noisy. But solar fans are practically noiseless and won’t keep you up all night. Because they are powered by the sun, they don’t even operate in the dark!

    Solar Attic Fan Installation Cost

    The price of a solar attic fan installation will vary depending on the project. Price is based on the quality of the unit installed, location, and any special add-ons. After our team assesses your attic and guides you to the perfect fan for your attic, we can give you a final cost for installing your solar attic fan.

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    Why Hire a Professional?

    Some homeowners love DIY projects. But installing a solar attic fan should be left to a professional contractor. The process involves many components and processes, which are best attempted by an expert. Instead of doing it yourself, get peace of mind and allow a pro to handle it.

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    Expert Solar Attic Fan Installation

    Let our team of expert contractors at Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning take care of your solar attic fan installation. We’ll ensure that your new appliance is adequately installed within your home and that it’s prepared to operate for many years. We use top-of-the-line equipment from the most trusted names in the business.

    Call us today if you’re ready to begin receiving the benefits of a solar attic fan!