Rebates play an important role in rewarding those who go the extra mile to live green and invest in more energy-efficient products. Many heating and air conditioning rebates are available from different entities for home and business owners that choose to prioritize energy efficiency. Energy companies will provide rebates for energy-efficient homes because energy-efficient households lighten the load on their power grid. By motivating more homes to go with energy star products, it allows for energy companies to confidently serve the customers they have.

    We make it a point to emphasize these rebates that are offered through the City of Riverside, SoCal Gas Company, and Carrier because we love honoring our customer’s choice to do the right thing and think green. Check below for the rebates available on the energy-efficient HVAC products that we offer here at Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning.

    *Keep in mind that a product can qualify for multiple rebates and customers are eligible to receive multiple rebates on the same air conditioning and heating product!!

    Tech Clean California Rebates

    TECH Clean California is offering substantial incentives direct to contractors to support the installation of heat pump technologies in existing single-family and multifamily buildings throughout gas IOU territories.

    Single Family Heat Pump HVAC Incentives

    The following incentives will be available for all installations in all gas IOU territories for HVAC installations.

    Baseline Heat Pump HVAC Incentives
    Base Offering (gas IOU territories) Minimum Efficiency Requirements Total Incentive per Unit
    Package, split, mini/multi-split Title 20 code minimum $3,000

    The following incentives will be available instead of the baseline incentives in regions where a local utility has integrated with TECH Clean California.

    Enhanced Heat Pump HVAC Incentives – Efficiency
    Equipment Type Size Category Tier Seasonal/Part-Load Cooling Efficiency HSPF Total Incentive Per Unit
    Unitary package/split system and mini/multi-split < 5.4 tons Title 20 code minimum* $3,000
    1 16.0 SEER 9.0 $3,900
    2 18.0 SEER 9.7 $4,800

    SoCal Gas Company Rebates

    Our local energy company that offers rebates for our HVAC products is SoCal Gas Company. Right now, three separate r to current and future Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning’s customers.

    Furnace Rebates
    • $1500 clean furnace rebate for ultra-low NOx furnaces
    • $200 rebate on higher efficiency ENERGY STAR certified central natural gas furnaces with an Annual Fuel
    • Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 95% or greater.
    • $150 rebate on higher efficiency ENERGY STAR certified central natural gas furnaces with an AFUE between 92% and 94%.
    Smart Thermostat Rebate
    • Receive a $50 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart thermostat
    • Nest Thermostats (all models)
    • Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Thermostats (Lyric Round – 2nd generation, Lyric T5, Lyric T6)
    • Ecobee (Smart Si, ecobee3, ecobee3 lite and ecobee4)

    City of Riverside – Green Riverside Rebates

    The City of Riverside is committed to making its city as livable as possible. This means keeping homes and the air clean and green. A green town is a wonderful thing to leverage for tourism as well as residency growth. Riverside prides itself on having an energy-efficient community and the installation and maintenance of efficient HVAC systems go hand in hand with that effort. Riverside residents can receive a rebate with the purchase of one of these qualified products:

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    HVAC Tune-up (with refrigerant recharge)
    • $25 rebate on an HVAC tune-up service (must include refrigerant recharge.)
    Smart Programable Thermostat
    • $50 rebate on any Wi-Fi-enabled smart programmable thermostat.
    Central Air Conditioning Units & Heat Pumps
    • $150 per ton rebate for central air conditioning units & heat pumps with a SEER rating between 15-15.9.
    • $250 per ton rebate for central air conditioning units & heat pumps with a SEER rating of 16 or greater.

    City of Banning HVAC Rebates

    Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Purchase Rebate

    This program is designed to provide monetary incentives for the purchase of a new central air conditioner and/or heat pump, replacing an existing air conditioning and/or heat pump, with an ENERGY STAR rated unit. Proposed incentives, based on the energy efficiency and size of the unit (tonnage), range from $200 to $600 per ton.

    Split System or Packaged Unit SEER Rebates for Purchases After March 1, 2019
    Air Conditioners or Heat Pump Units 15.0 to 15.9 $200 per ton
    16.0 to 16.9 $300 per ton
    17.0 to 17.9 $400 per ton
    18.0 or greater $600 per ton
    Program Guidelines:
    • This program is available to the City of Banning electric customers.
    • Applicant must be a City of Banning electric customer. If the applicant is a renter, the property owner must sign the rebate application prior to its submission.
    • Rebates are available for the purchase of a brand new ENERGY STAR rated central electric air conditioner and/or electric heat pump
    • Program participation requires systems to be installed at the service address.
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    At Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning’s, we’re focused on providing a quality service for the right price. If you have any questions on which of our products are eligible for one or multiple rebates, give us a call at 877-274-1882. We’ll be happy to guide you through the entire purchasing process from complete product descriptions to financing.