Your Inland Empire home is your sanctuary. The ultimate place of comfort and security. Your HVAC system, believe it or not, plays a major part in that. Whether you’re looking for cooling relief in the spring and summer, warmth in the winter, or a breath of fresh air, a reliable HVAC system can make it happen.

    Achieving this level of comfort requires the occasional visit from an expert in inspecting and servicing HVAC equipment. For homeowners throughout the Riverside area, the best way to achieve this peace of mind is with a comprehensive residential HVAC maintenance plan. Maintenance plans ensure that your equipment is in working order, running as efficiently as possible and that there are no underlying issues that could cause surprise breakdowns.

    Benefits of routine maintenance

    A maintenance check on your air conditioning and heating systems will include several valuable benefits to your system. The most important benefits of routine maintenance, however, include improvements to your system’s performance, and mental and financial benefits for homeowners as well.

    Maximized system life

    Something as minuscule as dust or a dirty air filter can cause irreversible damage to your system’s lifespan. Though a new system may function with excellent energy efficiency, going unserviced for years at a time can make tiny problems accumulate into much more serious issues. By having your system routinely maintained, you ensure that your expensive HVAC system lasts as long as it can before it needs to be replaced.

    Optimum efficiency

    Older, dirtier, or malfunctioning systems will have a harder time achieving the desired temperature than systems that are expertly maintained. Your entire system, from the smallest coil to the large ducts that connect your A/C and furnace to the rest of your home, is one piece. If any part of your HVAC system is dirty, loose, or not working, it will place extra strain on the rest of the system. This will skyrocket your energy bills far beyond the cost of a yearly maintenance visit.

    Quality assurance

    Beyond the savings that you will experience with prolonged system life and energy efficiency, the peace of mind alone is worth it to our residential HVAC customers. The knowledge that a well-maintained system is far less likely to experience sudden malfunctions is comforting for our busy SoCal clients. The understanding that a system shutdown is naturally going to occur when the system is being used most often, is also the time when you need it the most (summer, winter), is also a motivation to keep your system in top shape.

    What you’ll get

    As a homeowner, you probably don’t know the ins and outs of your HVAC system and what all needs to be regularly maintained. That’s what HVAC specialists are for. However, this doesn’t mean if a customer has a question as to what all is done during a regular maintenance stop, that we just leave them in the dark. Rather, we ensure that our residential customers are informed and comfortable with any service we offer.

    When it comes to transparency in our work, we function on a simple philosophy – When you provide an honest service and you’re great at what you do, you have nothing to hide.

    Technician performing maintenance on an outdoor HVAC unit
    Our maintenance plans include:
    • Thermostat settings inspection and any necessary re-calibration
    • All electrical contacts and connections inspected and tightened
    • Lubrication of all moving parts for proper operation
    • Examination of condensate drains and drain line
    • Voltage and current assessments
    • Cleaning of outdoor unit and components
    • Fan and motor inspection
    • Air filter cleaning or replacement
    • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
    • Refrigerant check and, if necessary, recharge
    • Heating element inspection
    • Blower inspection and airflow assessment
    • General guidance and answering of customer questions
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    For honest and dependable residential HVAC maintenance, call the pros at Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. Whether you need emergency same-day servicing or want to set up a yearly maintenance schedule, our techs are always ready to provide you exceptional HVAC services, 24/7!