If you want to maintain your home’s HVAC unit and keep it in great condition, you should schedule HVAC rejuvenation. This HVAC service focuses on maintaining the primary components in a heating and cooling system. Obtaining routine HVAC rejuvenation help extends the system’s lifespan. Before you schedule this service for your Riverside, CA home, you may want to know what it entails.

What HVAC Rejuvenation Involves

HVAC rejuvenation services are designed to evaluate the system’s performance, adjust settings to improve comfort, and repair any broken or worn parts. Rejuvenating the system on a regular basis should allow you to maintain its condition. While HVAC units can run well even without this service, they are more likely to need repairs. Even if the unit isn’t damaged, it may run at less than peak efficiency, resulting in higher monthly utility bills. HVAC rejuvenation can help you avoid these issues altogether.

Importance of Changing Air Filter

Every HVAC system comes equipped with an air filter that traps debris and particles to keep them from blowing into your home through the vents. The filter is tasked with maintaining optimal air quality. High-quality filters can make people with asthma or allergies breathe easier.

Having the filters replaced or cleaned regularly will also help alleviate the stress on your HVAC unit. When the air is effectively filtered, dirt won’t accumulate in the air handler. Filters should be changed anywhere between every 30 days and every 90 days, depending on a variety of factors including the type of filters you use, whether or not you have pets, and more. This service is provided during HVAC rejuvenation, though you should be sure to change the filters on your own whenever necessary.

Why Air Ducts are Cleaned

Like filters, air ducts should also be cleaned on a regular basis. Ducts are made from metal, which is why debris and dirt can easily cling to the surfaces. When ducts are dirty, your air quality may not be as clean as you’d like it to be. In the event that moisture is trapped in your ducts, mold and mildew could develop, the spores of which may circulate in your home.

Cleaning the ducts is a simple task that licensed HVAC technicians can perform during HVAC rejuvenation. Once the blower head is removed, a powerful vacuum is used to suction all dirt and debris that has accumulated in the ducts. Cleaning the ducts should improve the system’s longevity and keep the air in your home clean.

Additional HVAC Services Administered During Rejuvenation

There are many additional services that can be provided during HVAC rejuvenation. For instance, the HVAC technician may search for signs that a leak has developed in the condensate drain or refrigerant line. Refrigerant levels will also be replenished if they have dropped too low.

Evaporator coils in HVAC units can become dirty quickly, which is why these components are usually cleaned to accommodate more efficient heat transfer. The outdoor unit might also be cleaned. Depending on your HVAC unit’s condition, some of the moving parts within the system may need to be lubricated. All electrical connections will be inspected to make sure that they are in good working order and haven’t been damaged.

Benefits of HVAC Rejuvenation

Having HVAC rejuvenation performed on your system provides you with numerous benefits, the primary of which is that your unit should last longer. According to HVAC industry experts, a well-maintained HVAC system can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years depending on a few factors. If you want to help your system last for as long as possible, HVAC rejuvenation is a great investment.

High Efficiency

When an HVAC system is running with clean surfaces and high-quality parts the system can operate much more efficiently.. Your system will use a reasonable amount of energy to obtain the desired temperature. Efficient systems are also beneficial for the environment.

Since your system is using less energy and running efficiently, your monthly energy bills should begin to decline. By keeping the air ducts and filters clean, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of energy waste that occurs.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When the air filters in your HVAC unit are kept clean and free from debris, they will be effective at filtering the indoor air and removing any contaminants. HVAC rejuvenation involves either cleaning or replacing your air filters which will help you maintain the quality of your indoor air.

HVAC Issues Prevented by Rejuvenation

Along with dirty filters, there are several additional problems that can be prevented with HVAC rejuvenation.

Ignition Problems

There are a lot of potential reasons for ignition issues, and many of them can be identified during HVAC rejuvenation. These issues include delayed ignition with the burners, short cycling, or a dirty pilot light. It’s also possible that the ignition component has become worn and needs to be replaced.

Component Wear and Tear

There are numerous mechanical components that your HVAC system depends on. If any of these components experience wear and tear that isn’t quickly addressed, the unit’s performance could be negatively impacted. The consequences of worn mechanical components include a lack of airflow, overheating, and poor heating. Rejuvenation involves inspecting all these components, which means that the issue will be addressed early on.

Dirty Evaporator or Condenser Coils

If it’s been a while since you scheduled HVAC rejuvenation services, it’s possible that dirt and debris have built up along the unit’s coils. Your system will then need to work harder to effectively heat and cool your home. These coils will be cleaned during rejuvenation, which should keep additional damage at bay.

Blower Runs Constantly

There are several reasons why a furnace blower can run continuously. Make sure that you look at the fan switch that’s positioned on your thermostat before calling an HVAC professional. If the “fan” setting has been turned on, the motor runs constantly. If, however, the fan hasn’t been turned on, it’s possible that something else is the cause of this issue.

A fan relay that’s located in the blower will turn the system on whenever the thermostat tells it to. However, the relay could stick, which would result in the blower not turning off. If your system is running more often than it should be, this issue will be detected during HVAC rejuvenation.

How Often You Should Schedule HVAC Rejuvenation

The air filter in your HVAC system should be replaced every few months. You can align the replacement of your air filter with HVAC rejuvenation services. Otherwise, scheduling this service every 6-12 months should help you maintain the condition and efficiency of your home’s HVAC unit.

Our team at Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with efficient HVAC rejuvenation services that will keep your system clean and free from damage. We can identify smaller issues in your HVAC unit early on, which allows us to make timely fixes. The HVAC services we offer also extend to maintenance, repair, and installation services for all HVAC unit brands.

If your existing HVAC system needs to be replaced, our team can safely remove your old one and install the new one that you’ve purchased. We also offer many additional home services, which include plumbing, indoor air quality, ductwork, and commercial services. Call us today if you’re interested in scheduling HVAC rejuvenation!

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