Has your home been feeling stuffy lately? If so, talk to one of our technicians about a whole-house fan installation. Air conditioners can cool the air, but sometimes they need a little help circulating that fresh breeze throughout your home.

    If you’re ready to boost your cooling system and benefit from some energy savings, we can provide you with a whole-home fan installation.

    What is a Whole Home Ceiling Fan

    In homes with an existing HVAC system, heating and cooling units share ductwork to move air throughout the house. These systems function by circulating the same air through the ducts repeatedly. While it does make the system run more efficiently, it also creates stale air and decreases indoor air quality.

    In contrast, a whole-house fan is placed in a centralized location within your home. It constantly brings in the fresh air and pushes out the stale air through a vent in the attic. This constant air movement allows cooler outdoor air to drift into your home, cooling it even more.

    A whole-house fan can better cool your home than your cooling unit under the following circumstances:
    • The inside of your house is warmer than the outside
    • You want your home to be cooler
    • The air is drier outside than inside
    • So, turn on the fan, crack open a window or two, and your home will be feeling cooler in no time.

    Benefits of Whole House Fans

    After an expert installation from our team, you will enjoy many benefits.

    Whole-house fans:
    • Use a fraction of energy compared to a central AC system
    • Take advantage of cool temperatures at night and morning
    • Disperse heat and moisture out of attic spaces
    • Help you save energy
    Whole home fan

    In addition, you’ll always know the upfront cost of the job before we begin, so there are no surprises.

    Modern Fans for Your Whole Home

    Older whole-house fans are challenging to install and make quite a bit of noise. As a result, they get shut off after a short period of use. We can provide you with a whole-house fan replacement that will operate quietly and be well-balanced.

    Types of Whole House Fans

    Like many appliances, there are various types of whole-house fans you can choose from. You may need to talk to one of our professional installers to understand which one is best for your home.

    The three basic types are:
    • Standard fans
    • Fans with insulated door
    • Inline fans
    No matter which fixtures you choose, the most critical factor is proper installation to prolong the lifespan of your investment. Installing a whole-house fan is not something you want to take on as a DIY project!

    Whole-Home Fan Repair

    Do you already have a whole-home fan? Has it started to show signs of wear and tear? Then you need to get a whole-house fan repair provided by an experienced professional. The sooner you call for a repair, the quicker your home will be restored to a comfortable setting and retain its energy-efficient status.

    Technician cleaning out vent leading to fan

    Whole-Home Fan Replacement

    Are you considering purchasing a replacement unit for your home? If so, one of two scenarios has played out. You’ve had your current whole-house fan for many years and been through repairs, and you’re ready for a new one. Or it’s finally reached the point of no return.

    Either way, Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing professionals can help you replace your old fan with an updated model. We understand this process can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. But we promise to work hard and make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

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    Connect with Local Professionals to Help Cool Your Home

    If you’re searching for a qualified local professional to help with your whole-home fan installation, look no further! Upon your first contact with us, you’ll be connected with whole-home fan specialists who will answer your questions and guide you to the most suitable option for your home.

    Call Sheldon's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing today to connect with a professional and schedule your appointment!