Winter is here and so are the cooler temperatures! You may find yourself reaching for the thermostat for a little heat in the coming weeks, so it’s important to make sure that your heating system is running smoothly and efficiently to keep you and your family comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. Though sometimes a breakdown is inevitable – especially for heating systems over 10 years old – there are some ways that you can prevent a heating system breakdown by taking good care of your heater.

Here are just 4 ways that you can work to show your heating system a little TLC and prevent a major breakdown this winter:

  1. Test your heating system before you use it.
    Most homeowners won’t know if there is a problem with their heating system until they first turn it on for the winter. By this time, you may already have lost heat, leaving you and your family feeling a little chilly until you can call in an HVAC company to diagnose and fix your system. In addition, it can be difficult to get the system fixed quickly and affordably during the height of the busiest season for HVAC companies.

    We recommend testing your heating system in the fall before you plan to use it in the winter season. That way, you can find out early on if there are any issues with your heater and call an HVAC technician right away. The sooner that the technician can inspect your system and diagnose repair needs, the sooner he or she can fix your heating system.

    Early detection and quick repair are one of the best ways to ensure that your heating system issues don’t turn into more costly repair needs or result in a complete breakdown. When you take care of this during the fall season when your heating system has some downtime, you can get these repairs done before you start using your equipment.

  2. Keep up with professional seasonal maintenance.
    Another vital aspect of avoiding heating repair is making sure that you keep up with your seasonal maintenance. Just like a vehicle, your HVAC system needs routine maintenance every year to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. When you skip these maintenance visits, you run the risk of developing issues with your heating equipment due to dirt and debris or you may not be alerted to wear and tear that can cause more serious problems down the road.

    We recommend getting your heating system inspected in the fall, just before the heating season begins. Our HVAC technician will clean and lubricate your equipment while looking for signs of repair needs. If they notice an issue, they’ll alert you as soon as possible so that you can get it fixed before it turns into a bigger, more costly repair need.

  3. Change your heating system filters regularly.
    Taking great care of your heating system is the best way to prevent a breakdown. Routinely changing your heating system filters is an easy and effective way to make sure that you’re doing your part to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. When you neglect to change your filter, it can become dirty and clogged, which restricts airflow throughout your home, making it hard to get comfortable. Similarly, a clogged filter causes your other system parts to work harder than they need to keep your home comfortable, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear on its parts.

    We recommended checking your air filter once a month and replacing it as needed. If you notice that the filter has become dirty and clogged, then it’s time to replace it. The average HVAC system’s filter will need to be replaced every 1-3 months depending on the type of filter, how the system is used, and other unique factors. If you’re not sure what type of filter you need, be sure to ask an HVAC professional who can make sure you have the right size and type.

  4. Call at the first sign of repair needs.
    If you want to prevent a complete breakdown of your heating system, you must call an experienced HVAC company at the first sign of trouble. The earlier you call, the more likely you will be able to address the repair issue before it becomes a bigger problem. The longer that you wait while still using your system, the more damage the issue may cause to your equipment, resulting in a breakdown and maybe even the need for replacement.

    That’s why we recommend calling at the first sign of heating repair needs. Even if the issue appears small, it’s best to nip it in the bud before it becomes worse. One of our HVAC technicians will be able to diagnose and repair the issue promptly, letting you get back to complete home comfort without the worry of an impending breakdown.

Riverside Heating Repair

Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your heating system and no matter how diligent you are about testing and checking for repair needs, you may encounter an issue with your furnace this winter, especially if you have an older heating system. When that happens, it’s not always at the most opportune time. We find that many of our customers experience breakdowns after business hours, on the weekends, and even on holidays. When that happens, you need to have a trusted HVAC company that you can call day or night to fix your system.

Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning is that HVAC company! We know that breakdowns are never convenient, and that’s why we provide 24-hour service for emergency repairs. Whether your system has completely broken down or you are just starting to notice the first signs of trouble, you can call us, and we will dispatch one of our best HVAC technicians to your home to diagnose and repair your heating system.

No matter what brand or type of heating system, our technicians have experience diagnosing common and complex heating system issues and finding the right solutions to fix the problem. The sooner that you call us, the sooner that we can have your system back up and running so that your family stays warm and comfortable this winter.

Call today for heating repair in Riverside, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire: 877-274-1882.

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