As a homeowner, it is well worth your while to look into maintenance plans for key appliances in the home. These regular preventative care plans can save you time as well as money in the long run. The HVAC maintenance plan is just one great example of a regular maintenance plan that can provide many benefits to homeowners.

Since it is designed to last for many years, you may not even recognize the need to maintain your air conditioning or heating unit. But without regular repair and maintenance, you can easily end up with a faulty AC unit and an emergency repair bill for thousands of dollars. An HVAC maintenance plan helps you keep your system running smoothly year-round for years at an affordable price.

What Can You Expect During a Maintenance Visit?

As part of an HVAC maintenance contract, a technician will visit your home and visually inspect the unit. He will also lubricate any key joints or parts, tighten any electrical connections, and recharge the refrigerant in the unit. This will keep the unit working at peak condition anytime you turn it on.

Once all of the indoor components have been inspected, the technician will then go to your outside unit to see if there are any issues with its parts. Rain, yard debris, and animals can all tamper with this unit, leading it to shut down or work less effectively if not properly removed. The technician will inspect your outside unit and perform any maintenance or repair tasks necessary.

Best of all, the technician will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during this process. You can report any unusual sounds, smells, or operational quirks long before they become a chronic problem and have an expert assess the best way to deal with them. If an element in the unit is close to wearing out or needing replacement, you can be aware of the situation and factor this into your household budget over the next weeks or months instead of spending a large amount at once, the way you would during an emergency call.

Avoid Emergency Service Calls with an HVAC Maintenance Contract

No one wants to call an HVAC repair company in the middle of the night unless you have to. Emergency service calls carry extra fees, which are typically used by the company to pay workers a premium for being on call overnight or on the weekend. In addition to the added cost, emergency service calls can take much longer than a regularly scheduled appointment. Instead of dispatching a technician who is already on the road or in the office, the service now has to find an on-call technician who will answer the phone, get dressed, and drive from their home to yours. This can lead to you waiting anxiously in the middle of the night for someone to arrive and put your home back to normal.

An HVAC maintenance agreement can help you avoid expensive and inconvenient emergency service calls by keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. Since your technician inspects the unit and alerts you to any repair needs, you can take care of repairs right then and there instead of waiting until the system breaks down.

If you’re ready to give yourself increased peace of mind with an HVAC maintenance contract, call Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning at 877-274-1882. Our maintenance plans are affordable and easy to schedule at your convenience.

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