Dangerous DIY Projects

Projects you Should Hire a Pro For

Saving money is great. So is working with your hands and the sense of accomplishment that you get from completing a project. There are however, quite a number of things around the home that you shouldn’t attempt to do.

Bad DIY Home Improvement Ideas

It should go without saying attempting to do any sort of work involving the gas line into your home is a bad idea. So things like switching kitchen range tops, installing a gas-fired water heater, or installing a new furnace or boiler are all bad ideas. In fact, there’s a number of laws stating exactly that, with some harsh punishments if you do. Hire a pro.

Garage Door Repairs

Next up is your garage door. Specifically the spring on it. That spring is under a lot of tension and if you’re not careful it’s not terribly difficult to get a slap of metal across the face. Or eyeball. Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it? You should definitely hire a trusted professional to fix a busted garage door spring.

Demolition Work

Open floor plans are great. There’s nothing like making a home feel expansive like uninterrupted views from you favorite chair. Before you put on the safety glasses and start swinging that sledge around, you should know that knocking out an interior wall is another job that you should call a pro for. Even if you know which walls are load-bearing and which ones aren’t – many municipalities have orders against doing that.

HVAC Maintenance

The maintenance you do to your HVAC system should be limited to replacing the filter. That’s it. Not only are there some 240 volt lines that can throw you off the roof, but it is full of refrigerant that not only needs to be disposed of properly, but it can cause some nasty frostbite. The whole system is complex enough that technicians need to go to school, or apprentice under someone, before they can even begin working on them. You definitely need to call a professional service for this one.

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