When it comes to the rules and regulations for heating and cooling equipment, you will probably rely on the experts to advise you on what’s what. But with so much technical jargon in the HVAC world, you might wonder if your friendly heating contractor is trying to sell you a furnace with features you don’t want or need. In this blog, we’re tackling Low NOx furnaces.

What is a Low NOx Furnace? What is an Ultra-Low Nox Furnace?

A low NOx furnace has fewer nitrogen oxide emissions than a standard furnace. An ultra-low NOx furnace has even fewer NOx emissions than a low NOx furnace. Clear as mud, right?
Unfortunately, there’s no universal definition for these two types. Instead, local municipalities can quantify the number of NOx emissions that separate a standard furnace, a low NOx furnace, and an ultra-low NOx furnace. Part of the reason for this is that there is more urgency in some areas than others to eliminate the compound.

The Problem with NOx

According to the EPA, nitrogen oxides are cause for two major concerns:

1 – Health Concerns – NOx in the atmosphere can aggravate respiratory issues and can even cause asthma. NOx contributes to the creation of ground-level ozone, which also has negative health effects.

2 – Environmental Concerns – NOx creates smog and acid rain. It also contributes to pollution in the ocean.

Furnace Regulations – Do I need a Low NOx Furnace?

In short – yes. When homeowners in California are replacing or otherwise buying a new furnace, they must purchase a new furnace that meets low NOx requirements.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District define the ultra-low NOx furnace as one with NOx emissions of less than 14 nanograms per joule. Beginning October 1, 2019, and furnace must meet the new ultra-low NOx requirement.

Heater Replacement in Riverside, CA

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