If you’re like many homeowners in San Diego, you understand the value of keeping up with home-related trends, especially when it comes to major appliances which use a good deal of energy, such as your home’s HVAC system. So what are the latest and greatest advancements in HVAC technology right now? We’ve dug up some of the hottest trends in HVAC that are currently making the most waves and are expected only to grow in the future.

If you’re curious about the latest trends in home comfort, energy savings, and air quality, then read on.

Energy Efficiency and Going Green

Being environmentally friendly and mindful of energy usage is not just a passing trend. In the world of HVAC, this means a bit more than energy-efficient HVAC systems and high SEER ratings. In 2016, the EPA created the EnergyStar Verified installation program, which means that stricter guidelines regarding energy efficiency are sure to come in the next year or two.

Consumer Friendly Innovations

Think the internet connected to everything HVAC! We’ve already got smart thermostats, so what’s next? Only the future will tell… but we have an inkling it’s going to be pretty neat, and help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient, wherever you are, whenever you need to. The best part of it is, that as technology expands and connects the internet to our various household devices, it will only get easier to monitor our home energy use, stay greener, and save money.

Influx in HVAC System Installs

More construction has been happening all over the USA, which means that more HVAC systems will be installed. This is partly due to cities spreading into the suburbs creating new buildings, as well as increased demand for higher energy-efficient HVAC systems during building renovations and upgrades.

Also, with the growth of certain sectors, such as industrial and healthcare, it is projected that the HVAC industry will also notice marked growth, as these industries need better humidity and air quality control.

More “Smart” Buildings

Building Automation Systems (BAS), or an “intelligent building”, “smart building “, or (if referring to a residence) a “smart home”, have microprocessors that track as well as transmit environmental and data changes to controllers, helping to adjust both indoor air quality and lighting in buildings. These advancements in building technology will not only improve employee output but will also save business owners money on energy costs. We expect to see these become more common as time goes on. The SmartMarket 2016 World Green Building Trends report details that smart buildings cost on average 14% less to operate than the cost of operating traditional buildings, and this demand is projected to double every 3 to 5 years.

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