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If you, like numerous other homeowners, depend on a forced–air distribution system to circulate conditioned air throughout your entire home, you know how effective these systems can be. When well designed and professionally installed, ducted forced air distributions systems are very reliable in providing home comfort, consistently. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, these ducted systems become less efficient and more costly due to leaks in the ducts. If you have leaky air ducts, Sheldon’s Heating & Air can help. To learn more about how professional duct sealing can help you heat and cool your home more effectively, contact a member of our team today.

The Riverside, CA duct sealing experts at Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offer quality indoor air quality services throughout the Inland Empire.

Riverside, CA Duct Sealing Services

Obviously, the bulk of your ductwork system is completely hidden from your view, behind walls and under floors. This can allow problems with your air ducts to go unnoticed in some cases. By better understanding the effects that damaged air ducts can have in your home, you are much better prepared to recognize the need for professional duct sealing service in Riverside, CA.

If you have one of the following problems in your home, you may need to seal your ducts:

  • Uneven heating and cooling
  • Unreliable temperature control or a lot of fluctuation in temperature
  • Spike in energy costs
  • Odors or excess dust in your home coming from your air vents
  • Poor air quality in the home

These problems can become serious. A family of four produces around 40 pounds of dust per year. If this begins to recirculate through your heating and air system, it will damage the system AND the air you breathe. Further, proper duct sealing can reduce your energy bill. For many homes, HVAC accounts for 50% of energy expenditure each month. If you deal your ducts, you can take that percentage down to 25%.

If you have a leak in your ducts you could experience the problems above but there are hidden troubles to contend with, too. If your system must work harder to perform for you, it will deteriorate more quickly, threatening its longevity and costing you extra in repairs. Finally, if the leaks in your ducts invite vermin infestation or water damage to occur in your ducts, you could end up with bigger problems.

Why is Professional Duct Sealing Necessary?

We appreciate the DIY attitude at Sheldon’s Heating & Air, but there is simply no way that a nonprofessional can complete a duct sealing project with the skill, expertise and effectiveness that a trained technician can. A roll of duct tape cannot compete with the tools and products we have at our disposal. We will find the source of your duct sealing problem and ensure that you are able to keep comfortable with the outstanding efficiency you deserve. Call today to learn more.

Duct Sealing in Riverside, CA with AeroSeal & Sheldon’s Experts

When you have air leaks in your ductwork, Sheldon’s Heating & Air is the company to call. We’ll get the job done right so that you can heat and cool your home confidently. We are registered, trained contractors with the AeroSeal brand to bring you the latest in duct sealing solutions that are reliable and affordable. AeroSeal is a product that allows us to fully you’re your leaks, mess free, from the inside of your ducts, which makes the process simpler for us and for you. Aeroseal has been touted by the US Department of Energy as a product that can help homeowners like you drastically decrease your carbon footprint and negative impact on our planet. We like it because it works – leaving your system protected from unnecessary deterioration and performing in top-shape. Plus, your air quality will improve with a fully sealed duct system. Contact us today to schedule duct sealing in Riverside, CA.duct sealing services