For much of America, energy costs are rising. This is certainly the case for Riverside residents, as California has one of the highest energy rates in the nation (50% higher than the national average).
This prompted many HVAC companies in Riverside like Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning‘s to carry more energy-efficient solutions. While modern Carrier products are extremely energy efficient, there is a completely new category of HVAC products that are built in a way that guarantees a higher level of energy efficiency than even the most efficient centralized systems.
Ductless A/C and heating systems, also referred to as mini-split systems, multi-split systems, or split-ductless systems, are complete HVAC systems that provide home comfort without the use of ductwork. These all-in-one systems are simply mounted on the wall and provide impeccable results that match that of a whole home system. The key benefit of ductless systems is their energy efficiency through the lack of duct leakage.

What is Duct Leakage?

We’re all familiar with the standard setup of centralized heating or air conditioning system. This involves an indoor and outdoor unit. Both units are connected to the rest of the house through a network of ducts that direct the air to each room.
These ducts are prone to experience shifting and wear which creates cracks and holes. As the air that is generated from your HVAC system travels throughout the various parts of your home through this ductwork, it will LEAK through these cracks. This results in major system inefficiency.
Research has shown that ductless systems can save between 20-30% on monthly energy expenses. Over a year, this can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.
By providing a direct source of cool or warm air, ductless systems don’t have to work as hard to provide the same amount of comfort. Less strain leads to less need for repairs and longer system performance.

Take Control of Your HVAC Experience

Rather than relying on different zoning solutions to create a customized home or office comfort experience, you can utilize individual wall-mounted ductless systems to control the temperature of a given area. Each unit will function as its system, leading to complete temperature and air quality control.

Ductless systems are perfect for homes and businesses that need to support multiple lifestyles. Why subject your home or workplace to one person’s preference? With ductless systems, each room, floor, or office can set its desired temp.

Is Ductless Right for Me?

A singular ductless system can perfectly heat most single-story homes, smaller homes that can’t afford the loss of square footage to bulky ductwork and HVAC units and add-ons. Ductless systems can heat or cool most spaces, however, forcing air upstairs or throughout a larger home from one unit can be challenging. Utilizing multiple units (one upstairs and one downstairs) can ensure the same impact as a centralized unit, without energy-inefficient ductwork.
Most home and business owners could benefit, especially long-term, from converting to a ductless system. While ductless units are more expensive than centralized units upfront, it can be more expensive to add or repair ductwork than to install a ductless system. This is due to the increased labor cost of installing complex and bulky ductwork as opposed to simple and sleek ductless systems.
If you want to invest in the future of efficient heating and cooling solutions or would like to hear more about this new HVAC technology, give the experts at Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 877-274-1882.

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