Redlands, CA, Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service

Life in Redlands, CA tends to be centered around the many beautiful outdoor spaces in and around the city.  With nearly 150 acres of parks and green spaces, there are plenty of places to go to enjoy a picnic, play a quick game of soccer, observe some wild animals in their habitat, or take your kids to the playground. However, at the end of the day, you need a place to come back to so that you can feel comfortable and relax.

If you get home after a long day soaking up the sun or playing in the snow to find that your HVAC system isn’t keeping your home comfortable, it’s time to call Sheldon’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our team offers effective Redlands, CA, air conditioning repair & HVAC service to help make your home comfortable again. For air conditioning, heating and more HVAC services in Redlands, Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help! Give the experts a call today.

Need Redlands, CA, Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service?

Many people in the Redlands area live in historic homes that date back decades or even centuries. While living in a classic Victorian may be charming and suit your tastes, it can be hard to keep a home like this at a comfortable temperature. Summer heat can flood an older home, making it hotter than you can bear, especially on the top level. In the winter, frost can seep through the older exterior framing and into the heart of the house, spreading through the rooms to make everyone feel a chill.

But don’t despair! Sheldon’s Heating and Air Conditioning can solve the issues that commonly occur in older homes and leave you happier than ever before. If you need air conditioning repair or HVAC maintenance, call the experts at Sheldon’s today.

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