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    Many people forget there is more to California than cities and urban centers, but Chino is a perfect example of the diverse nature of this state. As a long-time center of agriculture and the dairy industry, the milk and cheese produced here ends up all over the southern United States. But there is a much more diverse economy here that includes businesses from many different industries. The abundance of opportunities and lower housing costs have drawn almost 90,000 people to live in the area year-round.

    With hot temperatures most of the year, Chino residents are mostly concerned with staying cool and having an AC unit that works. But there are also times in the winter months when residents may find that they need heating to stay comfortable. This is why fast and qualified Chino, CA Air Conditioning & HVAC Services are so vital to the people that live here. Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing these services in the Chino area for many decades. This experience helps our team identify the source of the problem quickly and get the issue resolved fast.

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    Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning is a skilled provider of Chino, CA, Air Conditioning & HVAC Services, with an outstanding reputation in the local area. Our team of qualified HVAC technicians can solve any of the common issues that occur with commercial and residential HVAC units to help restore your unit to working order as fast as possible. Call us today to schedule your next HVAC service or repair.