HALO 5 Water Filtration Systems

halo water filtration systems installation

Are you sick of only having filtered water available from a pitcher in your fridge? Maybe you’re looking for a water filtration system that goes above and beyond — one that filters out hard-to-remove contaminants like chlorine? Or maybe you’re sick of spending money on bottled water — wasting funds on bottles that just end up in a landfill. 

Enter the whole home water filtration system HALO 5 — a better way to get water.  

What Is a HALO 5 Water Filtration System? 

The HALO 5 water filtration system is a whole house water filtration system that uses sophisticated technology to filter water better so that every sink in your home — whether it be the kitchen or the bathroom — produces clean, fresh, drinkable water. And the best part of all? Once installed, the HALO 5 is completely maintenance-free. 

How Does the HALO 5 Work? 

HALO 5 uses high-grade acid-washed granular activated carbon (otherwise known as GAC) to filter out contaminants like: 

  • Chlorine 
  • Heavy metals
  • Fuel runoff
  • Pesticides
  • Dyes
  • Gasses
  • Disinfectants

Then, the HALO 5 hones in on even smaller contaminants — using technology like high activity carbon, filter-ag plus, and high-density garnet filter media to further cleanse the water. 

Finally, the HALO 5 conditioner wields a multi-reversing polarity magnetic field technology to change dissolved calcium and magnesium ions’ molecular structure from positive to negative. This process nullifies hard minerals and prevents them from damaging your pipes or appliances. 

As a result, you get the best, most healthy drinking water possible while your pipes are protected from the wrath of hard water and its many built-up minerals and contaminants.

Why Choose Halo 5?

HALO 5 boasts a track record of providing homeowners with healthy, safe drinking water. With over 45 years of experience, HALO 5 has proven itself as the top contender in the eco-friendly water filtering business. 

As a result, HALO 5 is continually one of the top-rated and top-recommended water filtration systems promoted by plumbers and contractors in the country. Additionally, HALO 5 always stands behind its products. When homeowners decide to install the HALO 5 into their home, they receive a ten-year warranty on the entire system. 

How to Install a HALO 5 Water Filtration System

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a HALO 5 water filtration system, the next step is to install the system in your home. That’s where we come in. 

Because these complex systems supply your entire home with filtered water, the installation process is a bit more complicated than simply tacking on a filter to the bottom of one of your sinks.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you use a qualified contractor to correctly install your water filtration system. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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