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    Norco, California, is a town made for equestrian riders and horse lovers who want to escape to a simpler time when the West was still being won and horses were the only way to get around from day to day. Life here in Horsetown USA offers a unique blend of city and rural living with a focus on equestrian pursuits.

    The horse trails that lead across town instead of sidewalks and hitching posts in front of local businesses make you feel like you are in an old Western town. During the annual Norco fair, residents and visitors have to wear pins supporting their favorite candidate for Miss Norco or get thrown in an old-fashioned jail. The unique feeling of Norco is one that you won’t find in many towns across America or even in this state, which is why residents of this area enjoy life here so much.

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    With so much time spent outdoors, cruising around and surveying the landscape on the back of a stallion, you need a reliable place to cool down in the summer or warm up after riding through the winter winds. Regular Norco AC & heating services from the professionals at Sheldon's Heating & Air Conditioning help ensure that the temperature inside your home stays stable and comfortable, no matter what is happening outside.

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    With our emergency HVAC services, you don’t have to worry about struggling through the heat or being left in the cold. Our team is available day or night, anywhere in the Norco area, so you never have to wait to get comfortable again. Call us today for HVAC services and repairs.