Smart technology is changing the way that we live, and every part of the home can now be automated. From turning the lights off when you accidentally leave them on to starting your HVAC system so that your home will be comfortable when you get home, things are possible now that seemed impossible twenty years ago. Being able to control the temperature in your home right from your phone or having an HVAC system that can sense if you are home or not can help you feel like you’re living in the future and make your living environment much easier to manage.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Adding a smart thermostat to your home can help automate the use of one of the most important appliances you have – your HVAC system. And as a bonus, a smart thermostat can help reduce the amount of power you consume daily.

All of the small bad habits that your family has like constantly adjusting the temperature or forgetting to adjust the thermostat before you leave home can be curbed with the help of a programmable thermostat. Plus, the system will help you stay aware of the times you are using the most power so that you can work on making changes to reduce your energy use throughout the year.

What Are the Advantages of a Smart HVAC System?

In addition to keeping the home at stable temperatures when you are there, a smart thermostat provides several advantages when you aren’t home, including:

  • You can place the thermostat on vacation settings while you are away to conserve energy instead of letting it run for no reason.
  • Set the thermostat to a higher temperature during the times that you are out of the house for work. This is at least 40 hours out of the week that the home doesn’t need to be cooled or heated.

In some homes, a smart thermostat is put in place of an older one. Smart HVAC technology may also be included as part of a home automation package. These systems can control not only the temperature but other home comforts like:

  • Sound system
  • Home security system
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor sprinklers

End Thermostat Wars Once and For All

With a smart thermostat keeping your home at one, comfortable temperature, there is no need to constantly adjust the thermostat to heat or cool your home. This keeps the unit from overworking to compensate for constant changes to the indoor temperature and reduces your power bill as a result.

A thermostat isn’t the only smart technology that you can use to regulate your home comfort efficiently. Smart HVAC systems also help you keep your heating and cooling equipment in good condition by giving you maintenance reminders and updates about how the system is performing. If you forget to change the filter, the system will notify you before the indoor air quality starts to plummet. The system can also give you important information about how well the heating or cooling is working, the humidity level in the home, and whether there is an issue developing inside the system.

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