The holidays can bring guests and friends to your home in droves, and this increased traffic in the house can affect how comfortable the home feels. A crowded house can grow hot, thanks to all the body heat and heat generated as you cook dinner, but the constant movement of people in and out of the door may bring drafty winds to balance out the warmth.
Having a thermostat and HVAC system that works quickly to return the home to the temperature you specify is extra important at this time. Here are some home comfort tips to help you keep your home at the optimal temperature in the winter months.

Be Prepared for Cold Snaps

You may be hoping for good weather over the holidays, but just in case it doesn’t turn out that way, it’s good to be prepared. Cold snaps can happen this time of year, dropping the temperature at night in particular. Stay on top of your local weather forecast so you can be aware of the nights that are predicted to be colder and turn your heating on before the chill can spread through the home. You can also use heavier blankets if the cool weather is only staying for a short time.

Make it Easy for Guests to Stay Comfortable

Accommodating a range of guests is a challenge because some may be cold-natured, while others are always hot. To keep most people happy, it’s best to keep the home cool and give guests options to put on layers to warm up. After all, if a guest feels cold, they can put a sweater on. But guests who are too hot can’t strip down to stay comfortable in your home. Keeping your heat usage low also helps you save energy during the holidays.
Place blankets in easy-to-grab spots around your living room. If you have tile or wood floors and prefer guests not to wear their outdoor shoes on your floor surface, you may want to have slippers handy for guests to wear inside the home.

Test Your Heating System

If you haven’t used your HVAC system to generate heat and warm up the house since last winter, it’s a good idea to try it out before guests come. When you turn the unit on, listen for any unusual sounds like popping or cracking. Take note of any smells, like burning, and how long it takes for the unit to warm the home. If you hear or smell anything unusual or find that it takes longer than it should get your home warm, it’s time to call an HVAC professional to examine everything before guests arrive and you use the unit repeatedly.

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