Rialto Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service

Known as the Bridge City, Rialto is set around the beautiful blue waters that make California legendary. It’s no wonder that many movies are shot on the picturesque streets in this city. With mountain peaks reaching into the skyline and palm trees on every street corner, it’s the epitome of California cool… that is until the summer months hit and temperatures start to rise. When the excessive heat hits, you may need Rialto air conditioning repair & HVAC service from an experienced professional team. Need AC or heating services in Rialto? Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with all of your HVAC needs. Give the experts a call today!

When is Rialto Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service Necessary?

Almost 100,000 people call Rialto home, and for most of the year they can enjoy beautiful temperate weather. The cool Mediterranean style climate means that most days are enjoyable, but there are occasional times of the year that can be unpleasant. The Santa Ana winds can make summer days heat up and feel stifling in the region. In the northern parts of the city, winter can bring chilly frost and even a little snowfall as temperatures drop.

On those occasional days when you need the heating or air conditioning system in your home to work, you may try to turn the unit on and find that it doesn’t work, or it makes weird sounds and emits bad smells. If this happens to you, call Sheldon’s Heating and Air Conditioning right away. Our same day service policy means that you’ll get Rialto Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Service as fast as possible, with no long wait.

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