4 Easy Home Improvements You Can Do in 1-Hour

Most homeowners take pride in their home and want to do whatever possible to keep it up-to-date and nice space to live. However, not every homeowner has a lot of free time on their hands to take on home improvement projects. If you’re pressed for time but still want to make some simple improvements to your home, check out these 4 home improvement projects you can tackle in just 1-hour:

  1. Clean up your front walkway.

Though this may not seem like the most exciting home improvement project, you will be amazed at how much the look and feel of your home will change when you take some time to show a little TLC to your front walkway. First, start by removing any debris and sweeping the area to get rid of dirt and other grime. Then, rent a power washer to get it nice and clean. You can attach the power washer to your hose, and start with it on the lowest pressure, increasing intensity as necessary. Make any other small fixes you may need to along the way such as adding a fresh coat of paint and patching up any cracks in the pavement.

  1. Put up curtains in any room.

Though finding just the right curtain for each room in your home may take time, installing window treatments can typically be completed in less than 1-hour. When purchasing curtains, curtain rods, and hardware, make sure that you get the right size for each of your windows. It helps if you write down the measurements before you go shopping. The perfect curtains can add a little more character to any room without taking up too much of your time.

  1. Create a weather-shielding canopy for your outdoor space.

Creating a more comfortable outdoor space is a worthwhile endeavor. However, some outdoor projects like building a deck or revitalizing your landscaping take time. If you only have an hour or so but want to spruce up your back-yard, try building a canopy with a dropcloth and four poles. This will not only provide some shade for your outdoor space but will also help shield you from a sudden downpour. Not only is this a quick home improvement project, but it also costs much less than custom shading structures.

  1. Change the hardware on your cabinets.

Want to refresh your cabinets but don’t have the time or budget to completely replace them? Instead, try changing the hardware. Replacing your old cabinet hardware with new can help you give the cabinets a new look in only an hour’s time. Once you’ve chosen the new hardware, all you’ll need is a screwdriver to remove the old materials and install the new hardware.

Not every home improvement project can be completed in just one hour. In fact, more complex projects may require you to call in the professionals. If you need an HVAC repair or even just a routine maintenance service, give the HVAC experts at Sheldon’s a call: (877) 411-9888.

Why HVAC Hacks May Cost Your More than You Bargained For

If you’re like many homeowners, you have probably installed a number of things in your own home. From replacing lightbulbs and paint colors to installing new faucet hardware, a new appliance, or – worst yet – twinkling outdoor lights during the holidays, you consider yourself handy with tools and the eventual, begrudging use of the owner’s manual. Still, you probably realize some things are beyond your breadth. Perhaps you’ve unclogged a drain or two, but caved and called a plumber when you failed in your attempts to repair a more complex leak. Maybe you did a little DIY stain on your kitchen cabinets but decided to bring in a contractor for the custom tile. Everyone has their limits.

In this post, we’ve outlined 5 reasons you should NOT DIY the installation or major repair on your heating and cooling system. Just like with any other big facet of home ownership, there are DIY tasks – like changing filters – that you can handle at no cost and there are things you must invest in, that require a pro. HVAC is far more complex than most people know and more importantly, the dangers of performing an HVAC repair or installation wrong are WAY too costly.

5 Reasons to Trust an HVAC Professional Instead of DIY

Here are just 5 reasons why you hire an HVAC professional rather than take on a repair yourself:

The Safety of You and Your Family

HVAC is dangerous. Any technician will tell you that there are risks involved with the work we do and we’re trained on how to prevent and deal with those risks. Your heating and cooling system components include sharp edges, heavy equipment, electric elements, and refrigerant – which is cold enough to burn your skin. If you’re not trained on how to handle this, your safety is in harm’s way. If you are injured, you don’t have the protection of worker’s insurance and the costs will be yours to bear.

Further, a poorly installed system or ill-gotten replacement could cost the safety of your family as well. HVAC systems can cause fires, gas leaks, and a number of other shortages that could implicate your loved ones – a risk nobody should take.

Following the Law ­­

The Environmental Protection Agency, commonly referred to as the EPA, has sanctioned laws on the handling of HVAC related materials including refrigerant or any system which already contains refrigerant – you’re not legally able to, nor is it safe to do so. Failure to comply with regulations that govern refrigerant gas are punishable with fines and more punitive measures. Further, improper use of refrigerant gas can also harm the environment and be unsafe for you and your family.

Concerns in the Long Term

Your HVAC system impacts the air you, your family members, and your guests breathe while inside of your home. Improper installation, repair, or ventilation of your HVAC system can increase the humidity in your home, leading to mold, as well as causing filtration issues which will contaminate the air you breathe. Most especially, when a gas furnace is improperly installed, it can build up and emit carbon monoxide gas into your home, which can poison you or your family members. Carbon monoxide is referred to as the silent killer because symptoms can range from flu-like to fatal.

The Costs You Might Incur

By making major errors when installing or repairing an HVAC system, you can compromise the integrity of the system as well as cause damage to the areas of your home affected by the system components and ducts. You’ll run the risk of major costs of time and money if you have to redo steps in your installation or repair, or if you cause other problems in the process.

The Resale Implications

Your current home may be where you hang your hat for a lifetime – or it might not. The fact is, most people sell 2-3 of the homes they buy in a lifetime. Just in case your life takes a turn and you decide to upgrade your home, your family outgrows it, or you opt to relocate for a job or other circumstance, it’s best to ensure that your home is made resell-ready. By making investments that are smart and responsible – such as keeping your HVAC system updated – you can ensure top dollar resale value and ease of obtaining a buyer. Contrarily, if you have performed a DIY install-gone-bad on your HVAC system, or opted to repair it yourself (and maybe missed a few key steps) you could be selling a lemon. Since nearly all homebuyers obtain a professional inspection before purchase – especially if obtaining a loan, wherein an inspection would be mandated – your DIY project will be found and documented for sure.

When assessing the costs of a new HVAC system install or repairs to your existing heating & cooling system, be wise. The DIY option only looks more affordable.  In the long-run, hiring a professional to install, repair, and routinely maintain your system will keep you safe and save you money. Choose Sheldon’s for all of your system repair, new system purchase and install, or routine maintenance needs.