Sheldon Service Reviews: Honest HVAC Company in Riverside CA!

Sheldon’s Heating and Air is a great place to get serviced from! They are fairly priced and don’t rip you off! If something can be fixed and you can avoid replacing it they try and fix it first before having you spend a large amount of money which I have known other places to do; Let’s not name names now; lol But I do appreciate that a business like Sheldon’s would be honest enough to let you know your options and let you chose wether you want to fix it or replace it! and set the price for you to figure out what would be best….although they do reccomend when something needs to be replaced…but the wonderful part is there is no pressure and no gimmicky bullcrap! just honest and straight forward! And it’s so wonderful that we can all come together and rate these establishments to protect one another from people who are over priced or just have bad business practice. I have been ripped off in the past from a few different places or have had horrible service and now I always check REPUTATION! so keep up the good work and I hope that more and more people will appreciate your work ethics and friendly service as I have.

– Kamrin

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