Chino Hills CA | AC and Heating

Chino Hills CA | AC and Heating

Sheldon’s Air Conditioning and Heating in Chino Hills provide the best services in the cooling and heating industry. We have been providing services for more than ten years, and have grown to be a competitive entity in the air conditioning and heating services industry. We desire to maintain a sustainable and long-term relationship with our clients by meeting their needs for excellence, reliability, and efficiency.

Chino Hills CA | AC and Heating Services

We provide specialized and customized air conditioning maintenance and repair for commercial and residential customers. Our experts provide air conditioner repairs which remain equivalent to none. There are many different models of air conditioners and heating systems available in the market. Each will have its ways and methods of managing the temperature of the home or office space. Our experts can carry out repairs on various wall mounted split air conditioner systems, evaporative coolers, and reverse cycle systems (split, multi- split and standard systems).

Reasonable Pricing: At the end of the service, you will receive a complete report and free service pack that includes repair charges, energy saving tips, and feedback option. If any additional labor or parts are required, our technicians will inform you before starting to work. The majority of air conditioner systems works with the five major components. It includes the chemical refrigerant, the blower and the evaporator coil, the expansion valve or the metering device, the fan and the condenser coil and the compressor. If any of these parts fail to function or work properly, the air conditioner will stop to work, and it requires repair work to function again. Our professional and highly skilled technicians can maintain and fix your air conditioner systems in quick time. We are experienced in handling any job. No matter, whether it is residential wall mounted, central air conditioner or commercial air conditioner systems, we will provide you a quick estimate and solutions to your air conditioner issues.

Chino Hills CA Professional Heating Services

If you want to contact a professional air conditioning and heating in Chino Hills, you need to contact Sheldon’s heating and air conditioning experts. We have built up a good reputation in the industry by delivering excellent customer service and fast response times. Our skilled professionals can service and repair all leading brands of heaters installed in offices and homes. It is essential to inspect your gas heating regularly in order to safeguard your home. Carbon monoxide emissions are highly dangerous. Sheldon’s professionals take care of your family and your home by providing the services with utmost care and perfection. It is highly recommended that you check your heating systems at the beginning of the winter season. We use advanced technical equipment to check your heater for dangerous fumes. Our technicians then service and clean the heating unit to make sure it works efficiently at peak performance. Enjoy the peace of mind with our best air conditioning and heating services in Chino Hills.

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