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Air Conditioner Lifespan: When is it Time to Pull the Plug?

Buying a new air conditioner is a big investment. It’s important to understand how long your air conditioner’s lifespan really is and when it’s time to replace so that you can budget appropriately when it’s time to finally pull the plug on your old unit. Below, we’ll discuss how long a typical AC unit lasts, when you know it’s time to replace, and what you can do to prolong the life of your air conditioner.

How long will my AC last?

The average lifespan of a central air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years. However, if you want your air conditioner to perform optimally during this time, it’s important that you take care of your system with adequate maintenance.

Here are just a few of the preventative HVAC maintenance tasks that you should routinely complete to prolong the life of your AC equipment:

  • Replace your air filter every 1-3 months.
  • Get a seasonal HVAC tune-up, preferably before winter and summer.
  • Keep your air conditioning equipment clean and well lubricated.
  • Get your HVAC equipment inspected for repair needs.
  • Repair or replace any damaged parts as soon as possible.

Many homeowners find that an HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that their HVAC system gets the proper maintenance it needs throughout the year. With an HVAC maintenance agreement, you get the benefit of having an experienced and licensed HVAC technician inspect, clean, and maintain your system for optimal performance. Learn more about Sheldon’s HVAC maintenance plans here.

When is it time to replace my air conditioner?

There is no one right answer for when it’s time to replace your air conditioner. Most homeowners decide to replace their AC when the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of a new unit. While others choose to purchase and install a new air conditioner when their old unit is no longer keeping their home comfortable.

Here are a few factors you will want to consider when deciding whether it’s time to replace your air conditioner:

  • Age – If you have an older air conditioner, you may find that it’s not as efficient as a new system. Newer systems tend to use 20 to 40% less energy that units that were sold just 10 years ago. If efficiency and saving money on your electric bill is important to you, you may want to consider purchasing a newer, more energy efficient unit.
  • Repair Needs – Is your current AC always breaking down? Whether it’s due to age, over use, or some other cause, if your air conditioner needs frequent repairs, it may be time to replace it. Consider how much you are spending on repair costs and what a new system would cost to determine which is more cost effective.
  • Home Comfort – Your air conditioner’s most important job is keeping your family comfortable and creating a healthy living space. If you find that your AC is just not meeting your home comfort needs, it may be time to look for a new unit. Consider what features are most important to you before shopping for a new HVAC system.

How to Prolong the Life of Your AC

Not ready to buy a new air conditioner yet? At Sheldon’s Heating & Air, we offer HVAC rejuvenation packages that help you prolong the life of your HVAC system and put off purchasing a new unit. Our rejuvenation package addresses the key electrical components of both heating and cooling systems to help you get more life out of your HVAC equipment.

Giving your HVAC system a spa day with one of our affordable rejuvenation packages is a cost-effective way prolong your HVAC system performance and get the most for your money.

To find out more about these packages, give us a call: (877) 411-9888.

Who Needs Air Duct Cleaning, When and Why?

Your air duct system helps keep your living space comfortable by distributing conditioned air into every room of your home. The air inside your home contains tiny particles like dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other debris that can build up inside your air ducts over time. If this debris builds up too much, it can start to restrict air flow in your living space. Sometimes it can even re-circulate the particles throughout your home, impacting indoor air quality.

When performed by HVAC professionals, air duct cleaning services help eliminate this buildup of debris in your duct system. But duct cleaning may not be necessary for every home. Read on to find out what air duct cleaning is and if you need it in your home.

When do air ducts need to be cleaned?

Frequent air duct cleaning is not a necessity for most homes. However, there are a few serious issues that may indicate your air ducts need to be cleaned by HVAC professionals:

  1. There is visible mold growth in your ducts.

If you notice mold growth in your air ducts or on other parts of your HVAC system, it’s time to get it checked out by a professional. An HVAC technician will be able to inspect your system, determine if you have mold growth, and suggest the best next steps for cleaning your air ducts. Remember, if you don’t get rid of the conditions that caused the mold, it will come back! So if you find mold growth in your ducts, you will still need to find the source of the issue and remedy this as well.

  1. Your ducts are infested with rodents or insects.

If you find that vermin have started to camp out in your air ducts, then it’s time for a cleaning. Not only can rodents and insects in your ducts impact your indoor air quality, but they can also cause damage to your air duct system that can become costly to fix.

  1. Your HVAC system has become less efficient.

Research shows that cleaning your air ducts and other HVAC system components can help improve the efficiency of your system. Similarly, it can help you prolong the life of your HVAC equipment.

If you notice that your HVAC system has become less efficient, it may be time for duct cleaning. However, other issues may also be causing the decrease in efficiency so make sure that you consult with your HVAC technician first.

  1. Debris is re-circulating through your home.

A little dust or dirt in your air duct system is normal. However, if you start to notice that debris or particles are being released into your home through your supply registers, then it’s definitely time for an air duct cleaning. At this point, the debris has starting to impact your indoor air quality and can have consequences for your health.

  1. Your system won’t maintain ideal temperature or airflow.

If your HVAC system is struggling to keep your home comfortable or you notice a change in airflow, dirty air ducts may be to blame. When debris accumulates in the ductwork, it can restrict the airflow throughout your home, making it harder for your HVAC system to maintain home comfort.

It’s important to note that these issues could also be the result of damage to your HVAC system. You will need to get an HVAC technician to inspect your ductwork and diagnose your system needs.

Riverside CA Duct Cleaning Services

If you are experiencing any of the issues above or it has been three to five years since your last air duct cleaning, it’s time to call in the ductwork experts at Sheldon’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Our experienced HVAC technicians will inspect your air ducts and HVAC system to determine if you need an air duct cleaning.

Call us today to schedule an inspection: (877) 411-9888.

Ho, Ho, Home Improvements: Holiday Home Maintenance Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But for many homeowners it’s also one of the busiest times of the year. Between finishing up work projects, decorating your home, buying gifts, hosting parties, and getting ready for company, it can be easy to forget about home maintenance for a while. Luckily, there are a few simple home maintenance projects that you can complete is just one day to keep your home looking its best this holiday season.

4 Holiday Home Improvement Projects

If you’re ready to get started on some holiday home improvements, use the list below for some simple home maintenance projects you can start this weekend:

Holiday Home Maintenance Tips

Get Help with HVAC Maintenance

Though some home improvement projects can be tackled on your own, you should leave your HVAC system maintenance to the experts. The team at Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help make sure that your heating system is ready for the holiday season and beyond! Give us a call today to schedule a service appointment: (877) 411-9888.

4 Easy Home Improvements You Can Do in 1-Hour

Most homeowners take pride in their home and want to do whatever possible to keep it up-to-date and nice space to live. However, not every homeowner has a lot of free time on their hands to take on home improvement projects. If you’re pressed for time but still want to make some simple improvements to your home, check out these 4 home improvement projects you can tackle in just 1-hour:

  1. Clean up your front walkway.

Though this may not seem like the most exciting home improvement project, you will be amazed at how much the look and feel of your home will change when you take some time to show a little TLC to your front walkway. First, start by removing any debris and sweeping the area to get rid of dirt and other grime. Then, rent a power washer to get it nice and clean. You can attach the power washer to your hose, and start with it on the lowest pressure, increasing intensity as necessary. Make any other small fixes you may need to along the way such as adding a fresh coat of paint and patching up any cracks in the pavement.

  1. Put up curtains in any room.

Though finding just the right curtain for each room in your home may take time, installing window treatments can typically be completed in less than 1-hour. When purchasing curtains, curtain rods, and hardware, make sure that you get the right size for each of your windows. It helps if you write down the measurements before you go shopping. The perfect curtains can add a little more character to any room without taking up too much of your time.

  1. Create a weather-shielding canopy for your outdoor space.

Creating a more comfortable outdoor space is a worthwhile endeavor. However, some outdoor projects like building a deck or revitalizing your landscaping take time. If you only have an hour or so but want to spruce up your back-yard, try building a canopy with a dropcloth and four poles. This will not only provide some shade for your outdoor space but will also help shield you from a sudden downpour. Not only is this a quick home improvement project, but it also costs much less than custom shading structures.

  1. Change the hardware on your cabinets.

Want to refresh your cabinets but don’t have the time or budget to completely replace them? Instead, try changing the hardware. Replacing your old cabinet hardware with new can help you give the cabinets a new look in only an hour’s time. Once you’ve chosen the new hardware, all you’ll need is a screwdriver to remove the old materials and install the new hardware.

Not every home improvement project can be completed in just one hour. In fact, more complex projects may require you to call in the professionals. If you need an HVAC repair or even just a routine maintenance service, give the HVAC experts at Sheldon’s a call: (877) 411-9888.

Looking to Buy Your First Home? Look for these 5 Upgrades to Stretch Your Dollar

Buying your first house is both an exciting and daunting process. There are many things that you need to keep in consideration while searching for the perfect new home. Though there are a variety of features on your “need to have list,” there are also some home upgrades that you can look for in a new home that will help you save money in the long run.

Home Upgrades to Save Your Money

Sellers often make upgrades to their house before putting it on the market that help increase the value of the home, but are also attractive to homebuyers because they are money-savers. Here are 5 common home upgrades to look for that will help you save money:

1. New Roofing

Though a brand new roof is not a necessity, if your new home has recently had the roof replaced, this means that you will not have to invest money in the roof any time soon. You might also look out for energy-efficient roofing materials that help you save on cooling costs by reflecting more sunlight and absorbing less heat than standard roofing materials.

2. Energy-Efficient Windows

Another upgrade that can help you saving money on heating and cooling costs is energy-efficient windows. These windows use quality frame materials and special coating that helps reflect light, keeping the heat inside in the winter and outside during the summer. If the home does not have energy-efficient windows, make sure that the insulation is adequate to avoid energy waste that can increase your electricity bills.

3. Energy Saving Appliances

Much of the energy that we use in our homes on a day-to-day basis originates from our appliances. Energy saving appliances can help you reduce energy waste and save as much as $400 a year on utility bills. If your new home does not feature these upgraded appliances, you may consider purchasing them later to help reduce energy costs.

4. Wood Flooring

Most homebuyers want wood flooring because it looks great, and it’s easy to care for. However, there are many other benefits that wood flooring can offer. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, wood flooring may be a better option as it reduces the allergens that get trapped in material like carpet. Also, since homeowners love wood floors, buying a home with wood flooring helps you increase the resale value if you ever put the home on the market.

5. Updated HVAC System

An energy-efficient HVAC system is another home upgrade that can help you save money over time. Not only do upgraded HVAC systems help you cut energy costs, but they can also make it simple and more convenient to maintain a comfortable home environment. In addition to the actual unit, look for a programmable thermostat, adequate insulation, and well-sealed ductwork.

Once you buy your first home, it is important to have your HVAC system regularly maintained in order to prolong the life of the unit. Contact us when you are ready to have your HVAC unit in your new home inspected.