Welcome New Riverside Residents: 11 Things You’ll LOVE About Living Here

In addition to home comfort, clean air, energy efficiency and all the other things that are important to us here at Sheldon’s, we’re also passionate about one other thing: Our community! Riverside – and the entire Inland Empire – is a beautiful area of California and the country at large. Riverside is home to more than 300,000 residents and boasts an Air Force base, beautiful outdoor areas including mountainous and valley areas, and a rich history. With proximity to Los Angeles, and enough distance to feel independent and unique, Riverside is a wonderful choice for young people, families, retirees – really, anyone can thrive here!

Daily life is beautiful in Riverside because the temperature is usually favorable and humidity is notably low. It’s comfortable to live here because we have plenty of space, clean air, and lots to do. Below are 11 of our favorite stops and things to do in Riverside.

Castle Park: A Claim to Fame

Castle Park is a Riverside staple – an amusement park that is nationally known and so much fun for all ages. Bring the family, take a date, or go with friends and enjoy this big, bustling park. You probably won’t finish it all in one day so it offers ongoing fun for everyone.

California Citrus State Historic Park

Once upon a time, Citrus was King in the great state of California. If you haven’t noticed, or if you’re new, southern California boasts quite the access to serious vitamin C: there are orange groves everywhere! As the story goes, the first orange trees were sent to a woman here in Riverside – a woman named Eliza Tibbets. The orange trees thrived and so began an agricultural opportunity that helped shape the industry and the economy in California. Learn more about the history of Citrus at this park and enjoy the beauty and bounty of the groves.

Many, Many Museums

Riverside Art Museum

The RAM is home to thousands of incredible pieces of artwork from around the world. The museum focuses on many genres, periods, and regions of art but there is a special focus on Hispanic art at this museum, due to the history of the area. The museum also provides programs for children and teens and is working on a proposal for a sister-museum named for, and guided by, Cheech Marin – of Cheech and Chong fame.

Mission Inn Museum

Located at the historical Mission Inn, this museum celebrates the rich, Hispanic history of this beautiful and impeccably preserved building, a cornerstone of our city. There are collections of art and historical relics as well as events, tours, and special exhibits. Revisit the Mission Inn often to see, experience, and learn new things.

March Field Air Museum

In accordance with the March Air Reserve Base, this museum chronicles a history of air travel, aeronautics, and winged adventures – military and civilian. There is plenty to learn, explore, and experience for all ages.

UCR California Museum of Photography

The entire Artsblock at UC Riverside is incredible and nationally regarded but the installations in the photography museum are especially well-loved and they also show films. If you’re into photography, film, or art of any kind this is a must-do.

World Museum of Natural History

Another campus favorite, the WMNH at La Sierra University is a real gem. Take an afternoon to enjoy the birds, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles displayed throughout the museum and learn a little bit about how this area’s biology and geology have evolved over hundreds of years.

Enjoyable Outdoor Experiences

Mt. Rubidoux

Boasting a city park, a historical marker, and some seriously stunning views just minutes from downtown is Mt. Rubidoux. Visiting this mountain vista is easy and accessible, a popular destination for SoCal outdoors enthusiasts and families just looking for a nice spot to play.

The Botanical Gardens at UC Riverside

One of the best places to steal away for an exotic, atmospheric, and unforgettable experience right here in the iE is, again, at UC Riverside. The campus hosts an incredible botanical garden teeming with native and exotic plantlife and the bees, butterflies, and birds that love them. The gardens offer tours and special events but even an unguided walk through the twists and turns is enchanting and immersive on its own.

Graffiti Falls

For something a bit different, steer yourself into a normal, unassuming neighborhood, take a small hike, and feast your eyes (and cameras!) upon something unique and spectacular. The graffiti you might be accustomed to is usually pronounced upon walls in cities and sometimes isn’t even welcome. This graffiti is sprawled across a natural rock edifice complete with a waterfall and is something to behold.

Box Springs Mountain Park

The daring, rocky, and mountainous terrain of our neck of the woods is something we’re proud of. These desert-like, arid, and yet blossoming grounds are home to wildlife, plant-life, and lively excursions for residents. This reserve area is perfect for picnics, hikes, or just taking in breathtaking views. With climbs up to 3,000 feet, you can get a bit above the city and take in your new home.

We’re happy you have decided to call Riverside, California home. Welcome to the area and all of our well wishes for feeling comfortable and happy here from your friends at Sheldon’s Service!


How to Build Trust with Your HVAC Technician

Do you ever think about how important it is to choose an HVAC contractor you want to keep for years? It’s hard enough to choose a competent person ONCE but to choose well year after year, or need after need, reduces your chances that you’ll strike gold every time – unless you go steady.

But, finding someone you can trust for years to come isn’t easy. You know how it is when you’re trying to find loyalty and long-term happiness with someone – there are a lot of crooks, a lot of well-meaning but less-capable types, and those companies who will give you everything you want for a high, high price. How can you find a balance of capability and knowledge, reliability and consistency, affordability, and good service?

Five Steps to Finding an HVAC Technician You Can Trust

Find someone who respects your bank account.
Your budget is a big factor in the HVAC game. You have so many important ways to spend your hard-earned money and paying extra for the same system with lower-quality installation, or on shoddy repairs that need redone, just isn’t right. If your contractor doesn’t offer solid financing, push rebates and savings programs, or help you calculate your costs and savings, you need a new contractor.

Find someone who will respect your home.
If the HVAC company you partner with doesn’t background check their techs, administer drug tests, heavily vet their team, or uphold the HIGHEST standards for their behavior in your home, you’re better off switching than sticking around. Your home is your sanctuary and you should always feel safe and respected, down to the cleanliness of your home after we’ve done some work.

Find someone who understands your needs.
HVAC is NOT one-size-fits-all. The right system for your home is determined by many factors that your HVAC contractor should measure, identify, or discuss with you. The recommendations your contractor offers up for repairs or routine maintenance should also line up with your goals, your needs, and your expectations. If not, you need to find someone who cares about those things.

Find someone who knows what he or she is doing.
This seems like a no-brainer but if you’re not well-versed in the technical lingo or the best practices in the HVAC industry, how can you be sure you’re getting the right people? A dedication to lifelong learning and training, years of service, and high awards for excellence in the industry will help you verify what just-any-HVAC-company could claim about themselves.

Find someone who is proven worthy.
Reviews are everything. If you find five companies who have met all the criteria above and who are within proximity to you, kudos! Choosing the best among the best comes down to the experiences other people have had. Even the most knowledgeable and affordable companies can be stiff and uncomfortable to work with. Choose an HVAC company whose customers are delighted by their service and you’ll have a 5-star experience, too.

It can be intimidating to bring a new acquaintance into your home to perform work on your HVAC system. Developing trust with your HVAC technician IS possible and the first step is to choose a reputable company like Sheldon’s. Contact us today for same-day service.


If Your HVAC System Works Better, Your Employees Can Too!

Whether your employees are in an office environment, retail establishment, warehouse, or any kind of business, their comfort impacts their performance. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks help office employees feel more at ease – which leads to a greater focus on work and a higher morale to power through the day. There are tools and systems in place to keep retail, service, and industrial employees safe from harm. Often overlooked, however, is the threat of harm and discomfort from a mismanaged or under-maintained commercial HVAC system. That’s where we come in.


The Cost of Waiting to Repair Your Commercial HVAC System

Most facility managers or commercial property owners don’t think about their HVAC system until there’s an obvious issue – the system stops working entirely to the point where the environment is unbearable or the energy bills rise so much that repairs are unavoidable. While it might feel economical to wait until your system needs an obvious repair, it’s likely that you will save money overall by investing in routine maintenance to prevent big issues in the first place. By being preventative, you can not only save on energy costs and the cost of big repairs, but you won’t lose productivity to employee distraction and dissatisfaction.

A more well-tuned and maintained HVAC system won’t just afford you better energy efficiency and less need for surprise repairs, but it also helps impact your employees’ comfort and wellness at work in four key ways:

How Does HVAC Maintenance Impact Employees?

Temperature consistency and control

Don’t ignore the data. According to a Consumer Report presented by SoftwareAdvice, 50% of surveyed employees report feeling dissatisfied with temperatures at work several times every month – 10% are dissatisfied every day. 60% of the same group report that having greater control over the temperature in their office – or being satisfied in general – would increase their productivity during the work-week. The fact is, women and men and employees older vs. younger did have different opinions about what the ideal temperature would be – while it’s your role to mitigate those differences and find a balance, it’s our job to make sure your thermostat, your vents, and your system are up to the challenge. Further, routine maintenance can prevent hot spots, cold spots, or complete system failure which would leave everybody uncomfortable.

Healthier, cleaner air to breathe

If your system isn’t routinely maintained, your air filter may have a greater chance to become dirty and contaminated, you may have allergens or dust flowing through your unclean ducts, and your employees may be unfairly subjected to allergy issues, asthma flares, or a generally uncomfortable environment in which to work. Dusty desks, sneezy coworkers, and general discomfort would impede anyone’s energy, productivity, and satisfaction at work. By having your system maintained, we can ensure clean ducts, fresh filters, and prevention of system issues that could negatively impact your air quality.

Humidity control for comfort and safety

Optimal indoor humidity levels are essential to comfort, productivity, and even safety. Luckily in California, outdoor humidity is largely kept at bay compared to balmier areas of the country. However, depending on the nature of your business, increases in humidity can and do happen, even here in the beautiful Inland Empire. The trouble with excess humidity is that it creates a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other airborne contaminants that could put your employees and your entire building at risk. Routine commercial HVAC maintenance can also ensure that your humidity levels don’t drop too low, as dryness can cause coughing, dry eyes, and other discomforts as well.

Avoidance of disruptive noise

Something unique about the way we install and maintain systems here at Sheldon’s is how much we care about the neatness, quietness, and aesthetic of our work. We’re cognizant that our residential customers have nights of sleep to lose if we leave their systems running noisily and we take the same consideration for our commercial customers. Your employees deserve to work in an atmosphere free of distractions like loud air conditioners and furnaces, and routine maintenance can help de-escalate or prevent those issues.

Start Your Service Plan Today

Your employees will rave about the increase in temperature comfort, air quality, quietness, and ability to focus when you partner with us. Your company will benefit from their productivity, satisfaction and retention. Bonus: If you have business partners, vendors, or customers who visit your building, they’ll be happier too! Choose a commercial service plan that will keep your employees happy, your company productive, and your air clean and cool. Call Sheldon’s Today to get started. (877)-411-9888