Does Your Home Need a Dehumidifier?

Cold weather will arrive soon, and with it, allergies and respiratory issues may arrive. For these issues and other reasons, your home may benefit from a dehumidifying system. Although people use dehumidifying systems in bathrooms, attics, or basements most commonly, they can be beneficial in all areas of the home.

How Does Humidity Affect My Allergies?

If you live in a naturally humid climate, you know how annoying it can be. Humidity makes the air feel wet and heavy; it’s unpleasant to go outside, exercise, or do many normal activities. In addition, humidity adversely affects the inside of your home. Allergens (including pollen, dust, and dander) love humid areas. Bacteria, molds, and other hazards often thrive there, no matter how clean your home is.

Even if you don’t live in a naturally humid climate, humidity easily builds up in certain areas of your house. Bathrooms are big offenders, because hot water, steam, and the droplets of water left after you drain the tub or turn off the shower add humidity to the environment. Attics and basements are hotbeds of humidity too, especially if it is naturally moist or if your area gets plenty of precipitation.

Will Humidity Harm My Health?

Yes, you can develop serious health problems from an overly humid environment. Some problems (think itchy, watery eyes) might be mild at first but become a real hindrance to daily life. Other issues, such as respiratory infections and mold-borne diseases, are much more serious. They could require hospitalization, and if you don’t handle the problem quickly, you might have to leave your home indefinitely.

Benefits of Buying a Dehumidifier

First, a dehumidifier will do plenty to reduce the allergens, molds, and other dangerous organisms in your house. Dehumidifiers drastically reduce humidity levels so allergens can no longer survive. Dehumidifiers also help water and steam dissipate more quickly, reducing the chances that mold will grow on your fixtures, curtains, bedsheets, and even clothing.

Dehumidifiers keep your home cleaner and your food fresher. Running a dehumidifier reduces dust, so you can enjoy your furniture, fixtures, and knickknacks without constant cleaning. It also prevents mold, bacteria, and viruses from breeding in susceptible foods like breads and yogurts. This makes it easier to tell whether foods are still fresh even after several days, and can keep you from accidentally eating something that will make you sick.

Some people are hesitant about dehumidifiers because they think they are noisy or waste energy. In reality, dehumidifiers are usually quiet; if you hear much noise, it’s a sign the machine needs repair. Additionally, dehumidifiers reduce the energy costs associated with HVAC systems. The less humid your home’s air is, the easier it will be for your HVAC system to operate, reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

Signs You Need A Dehumidifier

Certain signs will let you know whether you should purchase a dehumidifier immediately. These include:

  • Water stains on floors, walls, or fixtures
  • Constant condensation on windows, mirrors, and other surfaces
  • Rooms that feel especially stuffy or humid

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How Smart Thermostats Work To Save California Residents Money

As technology advances, the modern world enjoys new conveniences and devices that anticipate our needs. One of these is the smart thermostat, which learns from your individual behaviors, allows you to control temperature remotely, and shows real-time energy consumption. Smart thermostats have vast potential to reduce a home’s carbon footprint, save on monthly energy costs, and create a happier, more comfortable property.

Staying Connected With A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats do much more than enable you to control temperature. Instead of only being a control panel, these thermostats can adjust themselves based on ambient conditions and give you real-time information about how effective your climate control system is. Wi-Fi thermostats cost an initial investment, but their money-saving potential is well worth the expense. Its interface lets users tweak programming to save money and eliminates the chance of accidentally leaving a system on for an empty house.

At the core of effective energy savings is turning off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system when you don’t need it. The ability to control your home’s temperature remotely allows you to shut off your system when you’re on vacation and forgot to set the thermostat and turn it back on to regulate temperature when you know you’ll be home soon. In California, temperature control is important during hot summers and cool winters, and mobile control gives you complete power.

A Smart Way To Meet Energy Efficiency Goals

Smart thermostats learn when you want certain temperatures and make automatic adjustments during the day for your convenience. They also make adjustments according to environmental factors such as humidity so your temperature is always at the optimal setting. This means less wasted energy on a system that’s running inefficiently half or all of the time. It reduces the need to turn your A/C all the way down to cool your home “faster, which doesn’t work anyways, and shows you your home’s current energy output.

With a smart thermostat, you can set energy goals and your system will keep up with them. Your heating and cooling costs will start to diminish the moment you switch to a smart thermostat, making it an investment that soon pays for itself. If you’re ready to ride the wave of HVAC’s future, set up an appointment with a local California air conditioning technician to discuss the benefits of making the switch.

Your Riverside, CA Smart Thermostat Provider

Sheldon’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Riverside, CA offers state-of-the-art thermostat solutions for every home. We train our thermostat professionals to have in-depth knowledge about the newest technological developments in the industry, and we know how to help homeowners choose the right system for them. Call our team for more information about how a smart thermostat can save you money.