Sheldon Service Reviews: Best HVAC Service in California!

Very good service! My husband and I were very pleased with how well they did and the results are amazing! we are no longer cold at night! I have Arthritis and when it gets cold my bones hurt….so I’m glad to have had Sheldon’s come out and fix this problem for us! good job! –

Sheldon Service Reviews: Service man cleaned the heater washed the filter…

Nice service. Just had Sheldon’s come out and service my heater. Service man cleaned the heater washed the filter and informed me of some small problems. – CoronaBest

Sheldon Service Reviews: Best local family ran HVAC bushiness in CA!

Very nice local family ran bushiness. Just had John service my A/C and Heater. he cleaned everything informed me of some melted wires and replace my filter. – Customer

Sheldon Service Reviews: Best Trained HVAC Techs in CA

I had some service done this morning and this company is a great company to do business with. They are very clear about what the problem is, they are very well trained, and like the others have stated they are well mannered. – AnaLyticaL

Sheldon Service Reviews: Very polite, and professional.

I have a contract with this company and so far so good! no complaints. The guys who come out are very polite, and professional. – MiddleEastern

Sheldon Service Reviews: Would highly recommend to my friends and family!

Great service! would highly recommend to my friends and family! Thanks and will see you soon for the additional Guest house install! – Rita and Jerrald

Sheldon Service Reviews: Service, and price – 5 star rating.

Don’t know how they are in comparison to other heating and air services??? but I do know they got the job done and the price was alright. I don’t have much money so I pretty much had the service man explain some things to me like what all had to be done. I basically had

Sheldon Service Reviews: Affordable, Friendly and Great HVAC Company!

Great service! I have a daycare I run out of my home and I needed Sheldon’s to fix my air ASAP!!!! the last thing I need is complaints of it being too hot in my home! the problem was they were all booked up for the day!!!!!! BUT I somehow managed to get them out

Sheldon Service Review: Great service AND great prices!

My next door neighbors use Sheldon’s heating and air for their home and business….luckily I dropped by to pick up some tile they had ordered for me and that’s how I ran into the AC repair man! I asked if he had time to come by my home afterward to check out my AC unit

Sheldon Service Reviews – I would definitely recommend Sheldon’s AC!

They were very quick to respond, and the technician was very knowledgeable. Pricing was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Sheldon’s AC! – protutors