Sheldon Service Reviews: Service, and price – 5 star rating.

Don’t know how they are in comparison to other heating and air services??? but I do know they got the job done and the price was alright. I don’t have much money so I pretty much had the service man explain some things to me like what all had to be done. I basically had

Sheldon Service Reviews: Affordable, Friendly and Great HVAC Company!

Great service! I have a daycare I run out of my home and I needed Sheldon’s to fix my air ASAP!!!! the last thing I need is complaints of it being too hot in my home! the problem was they were all booked up for the day!!!!!! BUT I somehow managed to get them out

Sheldon Service Review: Great service AND great prices!

My next door neighbors use Sheldon’s heating and air for their home and business….luckily I dropped by to pick up some tile they had ordered for me and that’s how I ran into the AC repair man! I asked if he had time to come by my home afterward to check out my AC unit

Sheldon Service Reviews – I would definitely recommend Sheldon’s AC!

They were very quick to respond, and the technician was very knowledgeable. Pricing was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Sheldon’s AC! – protutors

Sheldons Service Reviews: Sheldons saved us some big bucks

We were not getting the building to cool down although the air appeared to be working. We called for service to Sheldons AC and had a tech to our office within an hour. We were anticipating a major replacement of the unit, but after cleaning and adjusting the fluid levels our office began to cool

Best Emergency HVAC Company in CA

Wow, 113 outside! We had no air working, and we were dying in the hot house. Sheldon’s Heating and AC responded so quickly and they were able to diagnose the problem and get us up and running in just a short time. And it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. Nice clean cut

The Best HVAC Prices and Service

We had Sheldon’s come out when our AC went down and they informed us of the problem and what had caused it. Sheldon’s gave us a fair price and fixed the unit in a timely mannor. – TShields

Rooftop Unit in Riverside, CA

Best HVAC Service in Riverside CA

We purchased a repo about a year ago and had Sheldon’s Heating and Air come out and service our furnace and a/c unit. Our service was great. Very informative, clean and professional. We have signed on to have regular maintenance done with the company and would recommend them to anyone needing an air conditioning and